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GPM Benefits

What makes GPM Different?

While GPM actually delivers the promises everyone out there preaches (among them fast application/ approval process, competitive pricing, and superior customer service) our experienced team does so much more by providing the tools that allow your business to grow:
  • A 360 degree consultative approach to payment processing
  • Chargeback mitigation
  • Expansion into the Global Market including Multi Currency Conversion
  • Partnering your business with the processor who understands your needs

GPM's Experience

The founders of GPM got their start in Loss Prevention and Risk Management. As they were leading teams that monitored more than 4 billion dollars in annual credit card processing volume they needed to fully comprehend the inner workings of many different business types. From there plans for fraud and chargeback prevention could be developed and executed. Typically a communication from "Risk" is a much feared call. However, by using a unique approach - one based in partnership and education - merchants were not only appreciative, but they saw greater success (increased revenue!) based upon the directives given. It was through that simple idea that GPM was borne. By utilizing the relationships they formed over the years with various processors, suppliers of technology, customer service & fulfillment houses and order management companies, GPM uses their "insider" knowledge to your advantage.

Consultative Approach

While GPM's specialization is in merchant services, their clients consider them to be more consultants for all aspects of their business. As mentioned above, the Operations experience lends a unique element in that the GPM team is aware of how each aspect of a business can affect a merchant processing account. It is for this reason that the partnership between you and GPM is on-going. It is also of the utmost importance to have a solid working relationship with whomever is processing your transactions - as GPM has built these relationships for years you can be assured the communication will be on-going and time sensitive when necessary.

Worldwide Marketing and Payment Solutions

Now more than ever it is important to establish your brand on a global scale. The two most effective methods of doing so are through multi-currency conversion and a Global Merchant Account. The latter refers to a merchant account that is actually housed in a country other than the US so if you are looking to expand into Europe, Latin America, or Asia, GPM can provide those solutions. If you prefer to maintain processing in the US the option of Multi Currency Conversion could be perfect for you. This allows your customer to pay in their home currency, which they are more comfortable doing, but the settlement to you will be in US dollars. Use one or both of these options to expand your business globally and increase revenue!

Chargeback Mitigation Expertise

As mentioned above, Loss Prevention and Risk Management is a specialty of GPM. If your business is one that has a pre-determined higher risk of chargeback incidence they will not only work with you to streamline your website, order process, and customer service, but also assist on the back-end once you are processing. By understanding rules and regulations set forth by the card brands, GPM will work with you to maintain acceptable chargeback thresholds, thereby allowing you to spend time on what matters - growing your business. Our technology partners were selected with chargeback mitigation specifically in mind so GPM can assist at all levels with regard to this element of payment processing that can be difficult and confusing to navigate.

GPM finds a "home" that is right for you!

The bottom line to our approach is that because GPM make a point of fully understanding your business you will be paired with the processor that makes the most sense for your business and your processing needs. Contrary to what some sales people might tell you, not all processors are the same. Some best serve Brick and Mortar businesses while others specialize in high volume/ high risk e-commerce accounts. Your company will benefit by the work that GPM has done in seeking out and forming strong working relationships with the best of the best in the processing world. This allows you to be confident that your processor is a partner in your business and not a pain-point for you.

Let GPM contribute to your success!

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