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Technology and Products

Whether you process $10,000.00 or $10,000,000.00, you need the processing solution that makes the most sense for your business. It is for this reason that the experts at GPM will work with you to tailor the proper solutions to fit the needs of your business. From basic gateways and credit card terminals to software integration, chargeback monitoring and ACH processing we have the solution that is right for you!

Gateways and Virtual Terminals

With industry hot topics such as PCI-DSS, fraud protection, and chargeback mitigation, one of the most important tools a card-not-present merchant has to remain compliant and ahead of the fraudsters is their gateway and/or virtual terminal. GPM is proud to offer solutions ranging from stand alone virtual terminals to non-gateway API’s for your processing needs. We can provide same day deployment for leading gateways such as and Plug n Pay or work with you to custom tailor a gatewayless method of processing! It is cutting edge solutions like this that makes GPM a leader in the field!

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Point of Sale

GPM offers the most advanced POS terminals available today. All equipment is PCI DSS compliant which ensures that your merchants and their customers information is kept safe and secure. GPM offers a wide range of options designed to meet all your point-of-sale equipment needs and a comprehensive suite of terminal support services for all Class A certified products including:
  • Terminal deployment
  • Overnight replacements
  • Merchant conversions
  • Merchant training
  • 24/7 Help-Desk Support
Whether this is a first time installation or a conversion of an existing system, Global Power Merchants will work with you to tailor a deployment program best suited for your needs. Some of our recommended POS solutions include:
  • Hypercom® T7 Series
  • Verifone® Tranz Series
  • Telecheck® Eclipse
  • PC POS Solutions
  • Mobile phone Virtual Terminals
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Cash Advance

In this economy, over 90% of business owners are declined from traditional lending. Why? Lack of collateral, insufficient time in business, or the business owner has less than perfect credit. Working Capital provides a unique way to give business owners easy access to money when other funding resources are not available. Through the Working Capital Program, businesses can secure up to $400,000 based on their sales volumes. Repayment occurs as a fixed percentage of sales (rather than a fixed monthly amount) so it is always fluctuating relative to the customer’s business, making the repayment process painless.

We evaluate sales volumes and payment history as our number one qualifying criteria. Then we purchase the business’ future sales at a discount, giving them funds now for sales that will happen in the future. Our payback process is completely automated and unlike traditional lending there are no set monthly payments, collateral agreements, or debt associated with their business. This concept allows us to say yes when many traditional lenders may be inclined to say no.

What type of merchants qualify:

  • You have been in business for at least 6 months; and
  • You process a minimum $2500 per month in Visa and MasterCard sales.
  • You are processing or willing to switch your merchant account to one of the processors of our choice.
Whether you are a small or established business in need of working capital to purchase inventory, expand/ remodel, open a second location, or advertise, working capital may be the right solution for you. Focus on your growth and let us help you!

How does it work:

The application process takes approximately 5-7 business days to complete. Unlike more traditional funding sources which can tie up valuable assets and have a long approval process, our funding program:
  • Does not require assets or collateral
  • Does not create debt against the business
  • Has a quick and easy application process
  • Has no hidden or up-front fees
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ACH and Check Processing

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a very efficient way to perform interbank clearing of electronic transactions. Whether you plan on accepting ACH transactions through the telephone or over the internet, we can set up your account with access to this system to debit and credit money to and from your customers account via the ACH.

We offer:
  • Batch Processing, for merchants who wish to use their own billing files as a mean to initiate automated collection of payments from their customers’ checking accounts;
  • Virtual terminal, for businesses accepting payments over the telephone or the internet. The Virtual terminal is a web interface that you can logon into to initiate transactions. It can also be integrated with your website as an alternate form of payment to customers buying something through your web store. You’ll see the status of transactions in real time giving you the ability to respond in real time to returned items.
  • Recurring billing capability, which means that you can set up a pre-determined amount to be billed in installments. This capability gets integrated directly with our virtual terminal.
  • Direct Marketing solutions that support businesses operating through In-bound production and sales models.
  • Fraud-prevention tools, where you can verify:
    • National ATM network to check the condition of the Payer’s bank account. And/or:
    • Account against the nation’s largest database of bad check writers and negative checking account status reports.

Why do I need it?

  • Expand your customer base
    • About 10MM American households do not own a credit card
    • About 45% of American households pay some bills through recurring ACH transactions
  • ACH processing is a safe way to transfer funds
  • Eliminate paper checks and save on trips to the bank
  • Inexpensive transaction fees
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Additional Products and Technology

GPM is constantly seeking out technologies and methods to better your processing and ultimately increase your bottom line. Payment processing does not have to be the “necessary evil” many think if it as; rather it can be the means to streamline your accounting, increase revenue, and organize your customer base. Depending upon your needs we can either assist you with or put you in touch with the right people for:
  • Dynamic Descriptors
  • Account Updating
  • Transaction recycling
  • Off-Shore Processing
  • Multi-Currency Processing
  • Chargeback Monitoring
  • Order Management
  • Internet Marketing
Let GPM contribute to your success!

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